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Archive for December 2012

Employee downloads of corporate information.

Employees will think twice about downloads of corporate information. U.S. Appeals Court Revives Workplace Cybertheft Claim By Jonathan Stempel | December 27, 2012 In a decision that could make it easier for businesses to police cybertheft in the workplace, a U.S. appeals court revived a chemical company’s lawsuit accusing a former Toronto-area employee of using…

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How safe are you medical records?

Everyone needs to take an active role in protecting their medical information. How Safe Are Your Medical Records? If you think your medical records are shielded from prying eyes, think again. Health-care providers, insurers, employers, the government, marketers, financial institutions, debt collectors and data miners are among the growing horde that can get access to…

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Privacy and Security Budgets are 1 to 3%

Yesterday we made the assertion that hospital administrators need to take a more serious roll in safeguarding and protecting patient information.  Today, I read that privacy and security budgets are 1 to 3% of the overall IT budget.  Money speaks loudly to where people put their effort and focus. Privacy and security is last on…

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Data Breaches at Hospitals

The Ponemon Institute published their annual report on Data Breaches at hospitals across America. The findings are alarming and continue to reflect a lack of attention, resources, and funding on safeguarding patient information. At some point, hospital administrators will make protecting patient information second on the list just below patient outcome. Here are some of…

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American Shredding | Types of Identity Theft

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, a non-profit organization based in San Diego, California, there are different types of Identity Theft. Criminal identity theft (posing as another person when apprehended for a crime) Identity cloning (using another’s information to assume his or her identity in daily life) Medical identity theft (using another’s identity to…

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