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More “Savings” with American Shredding

It is evident that today more than ever; businesses are making it a top priority to thoroughly protect their vital documents…and they should! Whether these papers consist of documents pertaining to their company, or customers, with the ongoing issue of identity theft the need for proper storage and secure disposal is only increasing. Sure, there are options for digitally storing files as back-up protection, but the reality is paper continues to be the most commonly used material circulated through a typical office. Tossing away paper that contains confidential information provides no protection for your company; in fact it is an irresponsible practice that could leave your company, customers and clients at risk. Only by shredding documents can an organization have reassurance that their vital documents are safe from unauthorized exposure.

Office shredders can provide a temporary solution for internal shredding; however employing a shredding company is a better investment long-term and will significantly improve the day-to day operations of your business. Let’s take a look at the ways in which outsourcing your shredding contributes to savings!

•    Save Your Company:  Your staff and customers private details may be exploited without a secure, document destruction plan in place. Not only does this pose the risk of identity theft, a company’s reputation could also be severely damaged if vital documents land into the wrong hands. What if information is leaked to a key competitor? You could unknowingly provide them with business advantages! Fortunately it’s easy to prevent these outcomes with a regularly scheduled, shredding service.  For reassurance, American Shredding provides a certificate of destruction upon completion. When shredding internally, there is no guarantee material has been properly destroyed. You have a choice!

•    Save Money:  Shredding in-house may be costing you more than you think. For starters, paper piles up quickly, and a lot of businesses have limited space and storage options. Hiring a shredding company will free up valuable office space, and reduces costs associated with buying additional storage boxes. Often office shredders become overused and break, resulting in replacement costs. Why be faced with these added expenses when you don’t have to?   All in all, outsourcing your shredding needs is approximately 17% cheaper than doing it yourself, and in these economic times every bit of savings goes a long way!

•    Save Time: An in-house shredder requires manual operation, which wastes valuable, employee time. It’s not very practical to ask an employee to take on the daunting task of feeding paper through a shredding machine for hours. Chances are they have more important tasks to be working on, that will be contributing to business productivity, rather than taking away from it. Our trucks can shred what would take hours with an office shredder, in a matter of minutes!  Allowing American Shredding to handle your shredding requirements, allows your employees to focus on what they were hired to do, making effective use of their time!

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