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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Document Shredding – The Latter Day Saints Church

The Church of Latter Day Saints came to American Shredding with a unique shredding situation. They wanted a secure shredding system installed on-site that they could monitor themselves, and they wanted to be sure that all the shredded material was recycled. Due to the extremely small particle size of the shredded material, the five companies that the church had contacted prior to American Shredding had told them that it simply was not possible to recycle the shredded material. However, American Shredding welcomed the challenge, and driven by our commitment to our client and our planet, we found a way to provide the church with the small particle size they desired while still being able to recycle the shredded material. We installed a cross cut shredding system on-site, with an extremely small particle size so as to ensure that absolutely no information could be extracted. American Shredding delivered the project on time and on budget.

No matter what the shredding demand, American Shredding is able to provide innovative solutions that satisfy our customer and exemplify this commitment.

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Product Disposal – Atlantis Casino

Atlantis Casino came to us with a challenging task: they needed to securely destroy and replace $40 million worth of poker chips, and wanted to do so in an environmentally friendly fashion. The secure destruction of the chips was of the utmost importance to Atlantis, as they could not risk the potential for fraudulent use… Continue Reading

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