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Overstock Disposal: Destroying Toys in Texas and Beyond

Our client was storing a large volume of stock, discontinued toy products. Originally, the product was designed as a monthly subscription kit, something like a playful  “care package,” and shipped to clients all over the world. There was a branded cardboard box containing several gift and collectible items designed around a specific character and made from different materials. Each kit contained items like these:

  • Branded character-specific T shirts
  • Cartoon books printed on paper and cover stock
  • Ceramic mugs depicting characters
  • Metal lapel pins
  • Rigid plastic figures, some with bobble heads
  • Caps with bills
  • Cardboard boxes

Our client needed all of the stock to be thoroughly destroyed and to never again appear in any type of marketplace. They needed certified destruction and detailed records for the lots of boxed materials. At our plant in Arlington, TX, over a 15-day period, Sheila Fortunato, one of our favorite truckers, delivered each load. We received 31 truckloads and 740 pallets stacked high with toy gift boxes, about 250 tons of material in all.

Our very own Jimmy Harty carefully checked every numbered pallet and attended to all of the details and happenings during the destruction process. Jimmy and our plant crew created a work flow to move the pallets into the shredding area, unpack them as needed, then fed them into our very powerful system that includes three 150 horse power shredders. The system shreds about six tons per hour. Nothing resembles merchandise following that process.

Our client has multiple locations around the country and we worked with them again a few weeks later in another region.
You can watch a video of the process here.
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