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New Plant in Phoenix to Shred Plastics and Faulty or Returned Products

Green Planet 21 has opened a new 46,000 square foot indoor facility in central Phoenix. Clients can now recycle more plastics and cut their waste disposal costs. Scrap generated in manufacturing processes and returned or defective products are handled sustainably instead of being buried in landfills. See the plant here: http://bit.ly/1vnRSIP

Green Planet 21 handles:

  • waste plastics: HDPE, PP, etc.
  • metals
  • cardboard
  • wooden pallets
  • food packaging
  • other recyclables

At one end of the new plant, is an enclosed plastic grinding area for processing multiple grades of plastics. Materials handled in a recent week included plastic barrels, bottles, plastic buckets, plastic water tubing, and clear acrylic bowls. Clear, white, or colored containers were sheared, chopped, and chipped then used to make over 150 new everyday products.

The warehouse is a dynamic environment where plant manager Rick Smith prioritizes the efforts of his crew to manage a stunning flow of materials. Four or more trailers of materials are processed and shipped every day. The new warehouse has eight truck bay doors and forty-foot ceilings, high enough that a truck can drive a compactor indoors to unload near the baler. The Imabe hydraulic baler and in-ground conveyor produce forty bales per hour, about 2500 pounds each.

Outdoors, there is a scale where trucks and compactors are weighed before and after each delivery or outgoing shipment. There is a secure outdoor yard area housing additional materials and equipment. Further, there is ample office space for the plant manager, the accountants, the salespeople, reception and room to grow.

Inquiries: Sandy Lyndon Sandy@greenplanet21.com