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Plant-Based Shredding or Onsite Shredding?

Erik Brown has been working with us for over ten years. Erik has been trained and holds certifications from both Homeland Security and the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID.) The record storage operations for the Federal Government and other large document archiving operations are among Erik’s clients. Recently, many of his clients have begun to see that Plant-Based Shredding is often a secure, cost-effective, and efficient way to rid their company of information and data on paper, hard drives, servers, and data tapes.

Erik Brown says that some companies will do “Offsite Shredding” by just taking the boxes back to their own parking lot and shredding them in the mobile shred trucks. Across our company, we are sure that, when shredding that takes place indoors, security is stronger because everything is shredded in a controlled environment away from wind and rain. Every truck has a hard time fully protecting documents in bad weather. Wind and rain effects ALL onsite shredding trucks. At American Shredding and Green Planet 21, plant-based shredding takes place in a secure indoor facility and we do not normally use our mobile shred trucks inside our plants.

Another benefit of Plant-Based Shredding is that everything is recorded by camera surveillance and saved for 90 days. If anyone auditing our customer, needs further proof of destruction on a certain day, we can pull up the footage and show that it took place. Even though onsite trucks have cameras for live viewing, they do not typically have the capability to record the footage.

Another risk of onsite shredding is that when fires take place, which happens more frequently than we’d like, the fire department requires that we dump the shredded material on the ground in the parking lot. Even though the material is shredded, some information may make it through the shredder without total destruction. If the material is not kept locked up at all times, it could be considered a security breach and require notification of all potential exposures. For those concerned about sending their documents down the road without being shredded first. It is pretty simple to put procedures in place to protect against exposure. By checking that the truck is locked before rolling away, and having the shredding company report back when it arrives at the plant, they can easily insure that no breaches take place.

Erik says companies should definitely audit their shredding provider regularly to insure compliance with security procedures. This should be done with onsite or offsite shredding. Beyond security, plant-based shredding is a much quicker pick-up at our customer’s locations and allows us to quickly make the pick-up without tying up space in their parking lot for hours. It is also a much cheaper option because it can be processed much faster. It is a great way to save money and increase security within the shredding process.

Whatever your needs, take advantage of our long experience. We can help you save money by handling your discards in the most efficient way. Contact us today.