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Growing Expertise: Shredding for Product Destruction

Micheal Swernoff became the General Manager of American Shredding’s recycling partner Green Planet 21in February of 2013. Reflecting on the past year, Swernoff says, “Identity theft is a huge problem. I have grown to appreciate the importance of protecting confidential records and personal information. Confidentiality has shown to be a huge problem in the Internet age. With the increase of digital medical records, Internet shopping, and online banking, identity theft, there is a growing concern amongst all major corporations and municipalities to protect their data. The proper handling and destruction of records and personal information and the recycling of those materials cannot be overemphasized. The small price that is paid to NAID certified processors can well be worth the value in pain prevention and wasted time. As Benjamin Franklin reminds us, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ ”

Swernoff says we are also finding that the same is true with branded products. Manufactured goods that are flawed or counterfeited need to be removed from the marketplace so that they do not dilute a manufacturer’s brand. We have had many instances where manufacturers would rather pay to have their materials shredded and destroyed than disposing of it in the normal waste stream where there is no guarantee that the products will not be sold or reused. Our experience and expertise in recycling records and data has helped us to branch out into the other commodities and products that require the same confidential handling that we have refined in records disposal. Out of date or spoiled beverages are separated from their containers, and captured, then sent to an anaerobic bio-digester. The sugars in the beverages produce methane gas that is burned to run water treatment plants in the Bay area. Reusable packaging is recycled and the client is assured that their products do not reenter the market and dilute the brand. It is a growing area where we have become more specialized and we provide an important and needed service to our clients.

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Confetti Blunder: We Prefer Prevention

At the nation’s most beloved spectacle, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York, confetti flies freely. But, during the 2012 parade, Ethan Finkelstein noticed that some of the pieces of paper flying around him had writing on them, numbers that looked like social security numbers. Other bits revealed the details of legal cases andContinue Reading

Zero Landfill with Everett Graphics

Everett Graphics, a leading northern California manufacturer of folding cartons, is one of our oldest customers and we have been working together since 1987. In an effort to enhance the Zero Landfill program at Everett Graphics, we collaborated to design this new system to reduce the labor devoted to recycling while ensuring the production of theContinue Reading

Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade by Adam Minter

Junkyard Planet is an educational and enjoyable read which illuminates the complexities of global recycling. A journalist living in China for a decade and the son of a Midwest scrap dealer, Minter guides the reader from curbside pickup in Houston to scrap yards in Asia that sort the waste of wealthy nations. His skills asContinue Reading

NYTimes: Keeping Swindlers Out of Your Bank and Brokerage Accounts

Paul Sullivan wrote a very informative article on cybercrime in his Wealth Matters series for the New York Times. The link is here: http://nyti.ms/1nl4ydg Sullivan reports that it is “a problem that is increasing at all wealth levels, from individuals with small investment accounts to family offices that serve the wealthiest clients.” Email fraud has increased fivefoldContinue Reading

Is it time to un-brand sustainability?

Down in Texas, I was struggling to get our client to capture more recyclables. The client’s production manager said “We don’t need to recycle. There’s plenty ah Texas to bury it under.”  Texas landmass aside, this statement belies a challenge with the “green” brand. What does a recycling company do in locations where sustainability isContinue Reading

Musings on Recycling Paper and the Tissue Market.

Increased tissue use is one of the signs of a wealthier world.  As over 1 billion people in China and in other regions of the world exit a state of poverty, demand has grown rapidly for tissue products: bathroom tissue, hand towels, diapers, etc.  Once GDP in a country rises above $3000/year per person, tissueContinue Reading

Free Credit Report

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that requires each of the three largest credit reporting companies— Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — to provide consumers with a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months. This will only occur if you make the request. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), theContinue Reading

Document Shredding – The Latter Day Saints Church

The Church of Latter Day Saints came to American Shredding with a unique shredding situation. They wanted a secure shredding system installed on-site that they could monitor themselves, and they wanted to be sure that all the shredded material was recycled. Due to the extremely small particle size of the shredded material, the five companiesContinue Reading

Product Disposal – Atlantis Casino

Atlantis Casino came to us with a challenging task: they needed to securely destroy and replace $40 million worth of poker chips, and wanted to do so in an environmentally friendly fashion. The secure destruction of the chips was of the utmost importance to Atlantis, as they could not risk the potential for fraudulent useContinue Reading

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