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Privacy and Security Budgets are 1 to 3%

Yesterday we made the assertion that hospital administrators need to take a more serious roll in safeguarding and protecting patient information.  Today, I read that privacy and security budgets are 1 to 3% of the overall IT budget.  Money speaks loudly to where people put their effort and focus. Privacy and security is last on the list and this only means that your medical information will be exposed and compromised.

“Over the last five years, we see a significant portion of the organizations say that their privacy and security funding is between 1 and 3 percent of their budget,” says Lisa Gallagher, senior director of privacy and security for HIMSS. “That’s still a pretty concerning number.”


Spending a few more dollars

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Data Breaches at Hospitals

The Ponemon Institute published their annual report on Data Breaches at hospitals across America. The findings are alarming and continue to reflect a lack of attention, resources, and funding on safeguarding patient information. At some point, hospital administrators will make protecting patient information second on the list just below patient outcome. Here are some of… Continue Reading

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