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Urge West Coast Ports to Work

Please join me in my appeal to Governor Brown and President Obama to impel the Pacific Maritime Association management and the leaders of the International Longshoremen and Warehouse Union to immediately complete their bargaining process and get the West Coast Ports back to full time work. Their conflict exerts excess destructive power; the impact of this prolonged failure to complete their recent contract negotiations is damaging ability across the U.S. to sell, buy, and collect funds.

The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles move 40% of what the whole country imports from Asia and 70% of the overall market share. In January, loaded imports were down by 25% compared to January 2014. Los Angeles and Long Beach are the largest U.S. ports by every measure and the accumulated impact around every western port is widely felt. Since October, Port workers on the West Coast have been on strike and then a slow down waiting for their new contract to be fought and resolved and signed and implemented. During this period, U.S. businesses that trade with other countries have suffered from greatly reduced capacity to ship and receive goods. This quickly translates to severely reduced cash flow and then production because no company can bill for what it cannot ship nor sell what it cannot receive. This leads to layoffs and suffering of everyday working people. And, Governor Brown and President Obama need to be actively concerned and take action to impel these bad actors to work it out now.

Clearly, each port must become more efficient and we will all share those costs.

Steve Sutta


Green Planet 21 LLC

America Shredding Inc.

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