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Five Paper Shredding Myths to be Aware of

There is often confusion when it comes to document shredding. We want our customers to be clear about who should shred and why it’s important. We hope these myths will provide clarity in regards to any hesitations you may have. 1)    Your company is too small for a shredding service The size of your company…

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More “Savings” with American Shredding

It is evident that today more than ever; businesses are making it a top priority to thoroughly protect their vital documents…and they should! Whether these papers consist of documents pertaining to their company, or customers, with the ongoing issue of identity theft the need for proper storage and secure disposal is only increasing. Sure, there…

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5 Ways We Are Contributing to a Sustainable Environment

1.    SAVING TREES When we shred and re-use paper, we prevent further destruction of our forests. Producing new paper directly from trees consumes a large amount of energy and water. Even worse, the process of this transformation releases pollutants into our atmosphere. Recycling one ton of paper saves roughly seventeen trees and 7,000 gallons of…

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5 Mistakes People Make Managing Their Waste Stream

1. ASKING THE CURRENT GARBAGE HAULER FOR WAYS TO SAVE MONEY. The current garbage hauler has absolutely no incentive to help in this area. It’s like asking someone to cut their own wrists. They want to maximize their revenue, which means they will not help you cut the charges for waste hauling. In fact, the…

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5 of the most interesting items destroyed by American Shredding

Erik Brown of Salt Lake City made his list. What is on yours? 1. Fur Coats – Protecting Sales Revenue – A clothing company needed to protect future sales by destroying knock-off coats that were made to mimic their product. 2. Headphones – Brand Protection – Customers return defective headphones to be replaced based on…

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5 Mistaken Assumptions of Document Management

1. It is a mistake to assume a service provider is following security protocol every time, without investigating further. We have seen errors made by service providers time and time again, who do not properly train their staff and audit their performance. The most common mistake is that their employees cut corners during service and…

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American Shredding – A Trusted Name In Shredding And Recycling Industries

American Shredding has been delivering its shredding and recycling services for over 100 years. The company offers its mobile shredding service, electronic media and hard drive destruction in a reliable and safe way. Apart from onsite shredding service, American Shredding provides off-site document shredding, hard drive, data tapes, books and retail merchandize destruction. American Shredding…

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American Shredding – Presenting the Best Paper Shredding and Data Destruction Services

American Shredding, the professional paper shredding and data destruction San Francisco, California (Press Release – March 14th, 2013) – Paper shredding and data destruction services are in hot demand nowadays. Thanks to the increasing awareness towards environment friendliness and identity theft, more and more organizations are looking for best shredding and data destruction services. Companies…

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IRS arrests 389 people causing Identity Theft

Protect your social security number.  AT&T and Comcast do not need to have it on their computers in order for you to have a service with them.  Your social security number is for taxation on income. IRS nabs identity thieves in nationwide crackdown By Blake Ellis @CNNMoney February 7, 2013: 3:12 PM ET Watch out…

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