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Dallas/Fort Worth Shredding

Our new facility near DFW offers commercial document shredding services, hard drive destruction, and more. Also, we customize secure shredding solutions for paper, books, manufactured products, product destruction for almost anything, data devices, and electronic media. In addition, we offer commercial mobile paper shredding service.

Inside our secure facility, we built an extraordinarily powerful shredding system. A sequence of three heavy duty large piece and cross cut shredders shred at high volume. So, our system triple shreds up to five tons of paper per hour. Further, we are N.A.I.D. certified. As a result, we operate one of the very few off site paper shredding systems approved for use by federal agencies.

Further, American Shredding serves manufacturers with product destruction services. We destroy faulty or returned products, overstock, or counterfeit goods. So, total product destruction is part of our complete industrial recycling solutions.

If you want your materials securely shredded and want to save money, you can deliver your boxes of paper to our facility. There is a $50 minimum.

Call Us:
Paul Simonetti: 469-865-0838
Main Office: 817-962-0037
4300 Diplomacy Road #150
Fort Worth, Texas 76155
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We offer these services in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area:

  • Off site document shredding
  • Onsite document shredding services
  • Assured product destruction services
  • Mobile paper shredding service
  • One time shredding services
  • Confidential shredding bins
  • Hard drive destruction and disposal
  • Secure electronic media destruction
  • Hard disk destruction or wipe

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