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Destroy Ram Chip, Hard Drives & Electronic Media

American Shredding provides a secure, reliable hard drive shredding service to permanently destroy electronic data and make the information unrecoverable. We have the best, most efficient technology and we completely destroy any data platform entrusted to us. We are expert at secure media destruction and hard drive disposal. We dispose of the remaining materials in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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  • Hard drive shredding service
  • Hard drive disposal
  • Data tape destruction
  • Destroy ram chip
  • Destroy data tapes, video, audio, and computer
  • Secure media destruction including films
  • CDs & DVDs
  • X-rays
  • Data cards & Discs
  • Credit cards & ID’s
  • Photographic files
  • R & D data files
  • Degaussing of hard drives & data tapes

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