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Off Site or Plant-based Shredding Services

We are optimized for off site shredding services, also known as plant-based shredding. Off site shredding service normally comes at a lower cost, especially when you deliver your materials to us. Our trusted technicians shred your materials inside our secure shredding facility. Video cameras document the process. Your labor costs go down and your people do what matters most. Indoor shredding uses electricity instead of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel consumption, noise, dust, and fumes decrease at your loading dock.  

Our efficient and powerful plant-based shredding systems consist of multiple heavy duty paper shredders. These machines shred each page  two or three times. Tiny scraps of shredded paper mix into a massive flow of shred before being baled. In Dallas, our newest plant processes five tons of confidential papers every hour. Across the United States, we shred, destroy, and recycle in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Washington State.

For your convenience, American Shredding will deliver confidential locking shredding bins or cabinets for you to fill with your confidential documents. We offer various sizes and types you can use for plant-based shredding. For more information, see our Secure Shredding Bins

For those who need onsite destruction, we also offer mobile paper shredding service in most of our locations.


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