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Onsite Shredding Services

American Shredding provides on site and mobile paper shredding service. We will come to your place and empty your confidential shredding bins, executive shredding container, or boxes into our mobile document shredding truck and then shred your papers onsite while you watch.

You can have the most effective confidential document shredding, everyday, at an affordable price. Throughout the entire process, we safeguard your data by maintaining a chain of custody that is longer and stronger than what you will find at other local paper shredding services.

Mobile Document Shredding

All before the end of the day, our mobile paper shredding truck will destroy your private documents and then we mix the shredded paper with other shred inside our secure facilities. We reduce the shred to the size you require, bale it, and ship it to a paper mill. In addition to our mobile paper shredding service, we offer hard drive destruction on site as well as offsite destruction services.

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