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Phoenix, Arizona Shredding

Our Phoenix facility offers commercial document shredding services, either mobile document shredding or off site shredding inside our secure facility. We offer secure shredding solutions for paper, books, manufactured products, recalled products, data devices, and electronic media. When you need hard drive destruction, product destruction services, data tape shredding or more, contact us.

Because we utilize both powerful heavy-duty large piece and cross cut shredders, we shred to the size you need. We operate one of the very few off site paper shredding systems approved for use by federal agencies.

Even more, American Shredding serves manufacturers with product destruction services. We destroy faulty or returned products, overstock, or counterfeit goods. So, total product destruction is part of our complete industrial recycling solutions.

If you want your materials securely shredded and want to save money, you can deliver your boxes of paper to our facility.


Andrew Jones: 480 532-9860
Office line: 623 936-4951
1901 West Fillmore St, Suite C.
Phoenix, AZ 85009
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We offer these services in Phoenix:

  • Product destruction services
  • Off site document shredding
  • Mobile paper shredding service
  • Hard drive destruction and disposal
  • One time shredding service
  • Bulk paper shredding services
  • Product shredding
  • Electronic media destruction
  • Off site shredding services
  • Secure media destruction

Confidential destruction of records, data and products is crucial for the lawful and appropriate protection of private information. For example, health providers determine a retention schedule that spells out when to destroy medical records. When you must destroy health records, the medical record destruction takes place in our locked and secured shredding facility. Destroying medical records can also take place on site using on our mobile truck as you witness the process.


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