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Plant-based, Indoor Offsite Shredding Services

Searching for local shredding services? American Shredding offers offsite shredding services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Tacoma. We sometimes call offsite shredding services “plant based shredding” because our shredding happens inside secure indoorfacilities. This type of shredding is very cost effective as well as truly safe. We feed confidential documents into a series of three heavy duty paper shredders as soon as we receive them. Our process uses high powered machinery to mix and shred the paper three times before it is baled for recycling. We maintain video surveillance and a very strong chain of custody for the material. Our local shredding services destroy confidential documents, hard drives, servers, flawed products, employee cell phones, and information on tape.

When you choose offsite shredding services, your costs are lower than for onsite shredding services. Onsite shredding services are useful at times but they include motor noise and exhaust near you during the shred. Offsite shredding services use electricity instead of diesel so they are environmentally cleaner. When you choose offsite shredding services, you can deliver your materials to our plant or arrange for us to pick them up. Depending on market conditions, the shredding costs are low or even free.

We are also a mobile paper shredding company in Phoenix, Tacoma, Salt Lake City, and the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.
Call us and we will help you find the best choice for your destruction needs.