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Plant-Based Shredding or Onsite Shredding?

We can help you save money by handling your information in the safest way.  Our Plant-Based Shredding service destroys information on paper, hard drives, servers, and data tapes. Plant-Based Shredding is efficient and cost effective. Our shredding process is the most secure in the industry. It is superior to both onsite mobile shredding and other services offered in Utah. For this reason, the Federal Government and other large document archiving operations choose American Shredding.

American Shredding meets the Federal Government's very strict criteria for shredding large amounts of confidential data.  Government employees regularly inspect each of our facilities. They verify that our procedures for handling the personal information of U.S. Citizens is safe and secure. 

Erik Brown works in Salt Lake City helping large customers manage record retention and destruction schedules using  Plant-Based Shredding. Erik has twelve years of experience. He maintains certifications from both Homeland Security and the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID.)

Plant-Based Shredding

In Plant-Based Shredding, confidential documents travel through a sequence of three heavy duty shredders. The machines shred and mix the documents three times. The result is shredded material at sizes smaller than the NAID standards. The shredding occurs inside a secure facility and is performed by well-trained, well-known personnel. Cameras monitor and record the daily operations. We keep the security tapes for 90 days in case proof is needed later.

With Plant-Based Shredding, rain, wind, and bad weather become smaller risks. Confidential materials move fewer times and more quickly between their last user and the eventual recycling of the base material.  Further, fires and mechanical problems happen with more frequency with mobile shredding trucks. The fire department’s protocol is to empty the truck in an outdoor parking lot to make sure a fire is out. A security breach becomes more probable. Breakdowns on the road can result in security breaches as well.

Whatever your needs, take advantage of our long experience. We can help you save money by handling your information in the safest way. Contact us today.