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Product Disposal – Atlantis Casino

Atlantis Casino came to us with a challenging task: they needed to securely destroy and replace $40 million worth of poker chips, and wanted to do so in an environmentally friendly fashion. The secure destruction of the chips was of the utmost importance to Atlantis, as they could not risk the potential for fraudulent use of their old chips. Entrusted with the task of destroying the chips in a sustainable manner, we installed an on-site, low-speed cutting blade that was used to cut the chips in half. We then utilized an off-site shredder in order to grind the plastic-coated metal chips. Subsequently, $40 million worth of poker chips were destroyed at an equipment cost of $35,000, and the scrap metal was then sold for $22,500, reducing the net cost of the entire project to only $12,500. The destruction of the chips was not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly, as the metal from the chips was sold for reuse as opposed to discarded in a landfill.