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Recycling Today on Product Destruction Services

Recycling Today article

American Shredding was featured in Recycling Today Magazine this month in a piece about product destruction services. For a variety of reasons, manufacturers need to securely destroy products when they can no longer be sold. When your company has material that needs to be securely destroyed, contact us.

Outdated or flawed products will damage your brand. We offer product destruction services to safely and completely destroy faulty products and recycle their materials as possible. Redundant stock, goods you no longer distribute, things taking up valuable space can be sliced, shredded, or crushed in our secure facility.

We create custom solutions to solve your unique problems.Sometimes, we even take products apart carefully to separate what remains valuable. In recent months, we have destroyed medical devices, beauty products, designer knock offs, mis-printed packaging, flawed drug packaging, drones, games, canned food, electronic gadgets, and more.

Customers call us for product destruction services to securely destroy goods that were initially intended for happy customers. Each client has an important reason to keep their goods out of mystery marketplaces.

We offer product destruction services when you have outdated or flawed products.

In Texas, we separated packaging to recycle before we shredded these outdated silicon breast implants.