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Secure Shredding Bins

On a destruction schedule based on your needs, each full confidential shredding bin will be collected and replaced with an empty.

Onsite or offsite, we process the contents of your document shredding containers in compliance with the most secure practices and according to NAID standards.

Contact or call us now to learn more and make arrangements to have your papers securely destroyed:
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Locking shredding containers to choose:

96 gallon locking shredding containers each hold approximately 300 pounds.
46” H x 27” W x 33.5” D

65 gallon locking security containers each hold approximately 200 pounds for shredding.
42” H x 22” W x 28.5” D

Our 32 gallon document shredding bins hold about 100 pounds.
36” H x 19” W x 22” D

An Executive shredding container holds approximately 80 lbs. of paper documents. It is a cabinet with a locked door.
38” H x 19” W x 19” D

Box Types

Our clients also store paper in banker’s boxes measuring 10 x12 x15 inches and we will quote you a price based on the number of boxes you have.

These are the most popular sizes of boxes for document storage.

Please help us to give you an accurate quote by letting us know which size currently holds your documents:

Box Type A
File Drawer Box
14”W x 12”H x 25”L

Box Type B
Standard Box
10”W x 12”H x 15”L

Box Type C
Case of Paper
11”W x 11”H x 18”L