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Shred Size Matters More Than Speed

At American Shredding, we match your needs and security risk tolerance to an appropriate shred size.  We have invested in multiple shredding systems and we offer sensible and cost effective choices. When working with American Shredding, you can be sure your confidential information is safe and carefully tracked from the moment it comes into our hands to the time it becomes a new product.

Cross-cut Shredding

Serving financial institutions, medical facilities, and government agencies, we use the best cross-cut paper shredder singly and in pairs to destroy paper data and electronic media. Many businesses are legally required to protect the identity and personal information of their clients.

Our clients often choose locked bins to fill inside their offices. Our mobile shredding trucks shred records onsite or the locked bins are trucked to one of our secure facilities for shredding. Papers are shredded, mixed with other paper, and shredded again, as many as three times until all of the written information becomes impossible to reassemble and potential security risks are responsibly averted.


Paper shredded for the U.S. military often require our Hammermill truck. We drive into military facilities and our mobile machinery pounds their papers through a steel screen until most of the ink is gone and the paper is almost powdered. Municipal courts also utilize this service.

Sensible Prices

Retired library books or printed materials that do not pose information security risks can be processed for recycling using our heavy duty paper shredder.  Less energy use and handling time are required so there is a lower cost to our client.