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Try Plant Based Shredding in Dallas/ Fort Worth area

In the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area, American Shredding offers plant based shredding.
More and more often, clients find it both useful and cost-effective to bring their materials to us for destruction.

Every year, Paul Simonetti oversees the destruction of more than fifty truckloads of old paper tax records from the IRS. Right away, we shred, bale and ship the shred for recycling. In addition to the IRS, Paul provides secure destruction services to numerous medical and financial institutions. He continuously tweaks and improves their recycling programs. Paul reduces waste handling costs and carbon footprints for our customers. Further, customers gain revenue based on the sale of recyclables.

Plant Based Shredding:

Clients deliver pallets of materials for us to unpack and shred. Next, our unusually powerful shredding system shreds the papers indoors inside a secure location. We shred with a sequence of three powerful cross cut paper shredders. All of the information is rendered unreadable and becomes thoroughly churned in the process. The piece size is smaller than our NAID certification requires. Further, other shredding companies use our plant based shredding when they have only mobile trucks and no processing plant. Plant-based Shredding is safe, cost-effective and efficient.

American Shredding destroys confidential information on paper, hard drives, servers, and data tapes. During a customer’s annual purge last year, Paul arranged for 2000 hard drives to be destroyed. Paul’s experience in all types of shredding, destruction, and recycling services helps his customers do better and save money.

Watch him in the video below. Call him today to find out how he can help your business or workplace.
Paul Simonetti: 469 865-0838

Link to see the shredding video  Cutting Taxes Texas Style

Jimmy shredding tax documents inside the Arlington plant.