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Zero Landfill with Everett Graphics

Everett Graphics, a leading northern California manufacturer of folding cartons, is one of our oldest customers and we have been working together since 1987. In an effort to enhance the Zero Landfill program at Everett Graphics, we collaborated to design this new system to reduce the labor devoted to recycling while ensuring the production of the highest possible quality of recyclable material.

One of the largest custom box shops in the Western US, Everett Graphics produces innovative environmentally friendly packaging in massive quantities. Green Planet 21(GP21) recently replaced the existing scrap system at Everett Graphics with a new pneumatic system that removes die cut scrap from three Bobst die cutters. Dan Dunaway designed the GP21 system with room for future expansion. The system was installed and will be maintained by GP21 staff.

The new system of ductwork pulls scrap paper from six different working areas then directs the scrap into a baler. Because of the increased capacity, the existing 30 HP production baler was replaced with a larger 75 HP high capacity Max-Pak auto-tie baler. The large, dense export bales take up less staging time and area. The bales will be shipped to a paper plant and used to make new paper products.

Green Planet CEO Steve Sutta concludes, “This  sustainability approach brings the highest possible returns - economically and socially - to Everett and the environment as a whole.”